Why Register?

IMG_2151 (1)Only registered users can upload their photography to be considered by the members of the selections committee.  Once one or more of your images are shown in a BWPC exhibit you will then automatically become a member of the Selections Group.

If you are planning to upload your work please take the time to fill out the registration form accurately and make sure you include your bio. Tell us about yourself, your photography, your equipment, etc. We use this information when we announce the exhibits that may include your work. Take the time, it makes a big difference.

Register To Join the BWPC

Anonymous Users:

  • Can view all photographs on display in the Exhibits and the Archive

Registered Users:

  • after logging in, can rate and comment on the images displayed in the galleries
  • can upload images to the Selections Committee
  • must participate in BWPC activities to be eligible for the Selections Committee
  • can use the E-Card feature
  • will be notified via e-mail when new exhibits are announced

Registered Selections Committee members:

  • after logging in, can view ALL images including selection folders and images not used in the exhibits
  • through an evaluation process, determines the content of current and future Open Gallery exhibits and the selection of featured artists and projects.
  • are encouraged to nominate new members to the Selections Committee
  • will be notified a few times each month when there are new submissions to evaluate.

Register To Join the BWPC

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