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The Administrators and members of the Selections Committee take the registration process very seriously. We ask that you read the following guidelines carefully and take the time to fill out the form provided for registration. The Curator, Administrators and Members of the Selections Committee reserve the right to reject applications for membership based on the information or lack of information provided on the registration form. Register Here to Join the BWPC!

Screenshot at Oct 05 22-50-05Here are some guidelines to help insure you register successfully:

  1. User Name: Use your full name. This is one of the most important pieces of information in the registration process. The user name is case sensitive and will be used to identify you with your submitted photography and any comments you may post. Your user name appears at the bottom of all thumbnails and photos. Examples could be: John Smith, J Smith, JG Smith, JSmith, etc.
  2. Email: It just does not work without this.
  3. “Optional Information” is NOT OPTIONAL: This information including your name, country, portfolio URL and your biographical information are Not Optional! In fact, if this information is not filled out and the biographical information stinks, there is a good chance you will never make it into the big time. Don’t be lazy! Tell us all about yourself, your photography, artistic interests, etc. Providing good copy with your images is always a great way to get published and recognized.
  4. Full Name: Please don’t use all lower case when providing this information.
  5. Country: Members of the BWPC pride themselves on being part of an international community. We use this information when we publish or feature your work and it is very important.
  6. Online Portfolio URL: Most serious amateur photographers have established an online portfolio. Some artists don’t have the resources to maintain their own domain and use photo sharing sites to maintain their online portfolio such as Flicker. If you want us to take you seriously, please provide the link to your online portfolio or body of work.
  7. Biography: Very, Very, Very Important that you provide an in-depth biography describing you and your craft.



Registrations are not automatically approved. Each and every application is reviewed by one of the BWPC administrators or Selection Committee members.


Register Here to Join the BWPC!

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