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12 Highly Rated Black & White Photos

Bill Bridge - Scotland

Bill Bridge – Scotland

I hope that friends and followers of the Black & White Photography Community will share this post with all their friends and family. Back in 2004, when I first started the BWPC, members had to email me their photos. It took hours to cull through and select the best photos that were going to be presented on the website. Now that we have automated that process with the use of software, members are able to participate in the selection of the very best images.

I always looked at the selected photos in an iPhoto slide show when I was done creating the exhibit for the website. I would pick some music, sit back and enjoy the hard work of the selected photographers. I would like to try and share photos in this manner with the members and followers of the BWPC.

I dedicate this first of many international slide presentations to the love of my life and best friend, Lynn W. Frischberg.

Please enjoy this very short presentation of the 12 highest rated images on the BWPC. Your comments and feedback are welcome.


Steven E. Remington
Curator, BWPC