Daily Archives: October 19, 2013

Black and White Photography – Submitting Your Work!

Submitting photography and participating in the B&W exhibits is the most important source of contribution to the BWPC.  We also encourage members to contribute to the newsletter by writing articles on any related subject that interests them and will be interesting and useful to the general subscriber list.  Best of all, membership in this community is FREE & Private. We only ask for your participation and enthusiasm.

Community polling drives the content of this website. Your participation in the polling process will help determine what photographer’s work will be published in our monthly features. Other important decisions include site & newsletter content and continued opportunities for community members.

From time to time we will send you notices and news announcing organization events, exhibits, member projects, discussion highlights and useful information relative to black and white photography.

We hope you are interested in submitting examples of your best work and having a chance at being included in one of our features or other exhibits. Join Now!


Steven E. Remington
Curator, Black and White Photography Community