Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

Who Are BWPC Members?

BWPC MembersThe community’s website, bwpc.org was created in April of 2004 with a few minimum expectations. We have members with enthusiastic ideas and the organization continues to grow.  For now, we are going to focus on maintaining a commercial free website geared toward promoting and enjoying member’s photography.

BWPC Members are those amateur photographers who contribute significantly to the organization.  The more one contributes to this project, the more of a stakeholder he or she becomes.  Continued contribution by members will allow us to maintain a website free of commercials, google adds or anything else that diverts visitors’ attention away from member photography. Click Here to learn more about why the registration process is so important.

We currently have several amateur photographers from around the world submitting their photography for current and future exhibits.  The Selections Committee reviews all photography submitted and only the most highly rated photos are displayed. Click Here to Join Now!


Steven E. Remington
Curator, BWPC